Recently, my mother purchased a Nook e-reader. She's not very savvy about such things and after I'd told her that there were so many free or reasonably priced digital books, she was disappointed by her inability to find them. Frustrated, I yanked the machine away from her and tried to find them myself. They're there...they're just hard to find.

Now, when it comes to the Amazon Kindle there are a slew of sites dedicated to daily book bargains. I've seen authors make bestseller lists just because they happened to get a spot on Kindle Nation or Daily Cheap Reads or one of the others. So I did some searching for my mom to see what the Nook equivalent was. And do you know what I found? ...nothing.

There's apparently a hole and I aim to fill it, so along with my fellow author and Nook lover, Eliza, we have created this site to offer readers a chance to find the best, most economical reads around. Every week we'll feature a free book for your nook, not to mention a suggested splurge item. And every day there will be cheap reads featured.

We think this is a win-win situation for everyone--perhaps more of a win for Barnes and Noble than they realize. We hope you'll agree and that you'll help us spread the word. Please subscribe to Nook Lovers and visit us often!

Stephanie & Eliza