Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Splurge! The Almost Bride by Sandy Bruney

Lily can't forgive her sister for stealing her fiance, but when Jill leaves Paul and shows upon her doorstep one rainy night, Lily takes her in.

Lily secretly hopes that when Paul is free he will come back to her. But as details of Jill's marriage are revealed, Lily begins to see that the man she thought she loved was an ideal she only imagined -- and that the real Paul doesn't deserve the love of either sister.
Free of her infatuation, Lily realized that her best friend and boss, Grady, is the one she truly cares for. When Grady hints that he is in love with someone who isn't free, Lily has to wonder -- is that person hr sister,Jill?
And will Jill once again win the man Lily loves?

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