Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekly Cheap! Modern Women by Ruth Harris

MODERN WOMEN (Park Avenue Series Book #4) by “brilliant” novelist Ruth Harris is about the passionate lives and turbulent times of three dynamic women—and the men in their lives. The right men. The wrong men. The maybe men.

Jane Gresh: The Maverick. Bawdy, talented and determined not to be ignored, her delicious revenge on the man who cheated her shocks an entire country and makes her very, very famous and very, very rich.

Lincky Desmond: The Communicator. Smart, beautiful and hard working, she dares take a gamble others won't and inspires women everywhere. She marries Mr. Right—only to risk it all for Mr. Wrong.

Elly McGrath: The Idealist. She is loyal and dedicated, a loving wife and devoted mother, but when confronted with the ultimate betrayal, what will she do to stand up for herself and her children?

Owen Casals: The trailblazer. Hemingway invented macho. Owen Casals perfected it. He was handsome, successful, magnetic—and he knew it. He was hungry, horny and ambitious—and just waiting to conquer the world. 

They were spirited, resilient adventurers in a new universe of untried freedoms and untested ideals. Together they burst out of the past and opened doors into the future. 

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