Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daily Cheap Read: Capitol Magic by Mindy Klasky--99 cents!

Jane Madison is searching for a job that will fulfill her, enabling her to combine her peerless librarian skills with her witchcraft. Sarah Anderson, clerk of court for the District of Columbia Night Court, is just beginning to figure out what she can do as a sphinx, an ancient protector of vampires. Magic flies when Jane and Sarah team up to protect a rare collection of books. Along the way, both women need to balance personal goals, professional careers, and their often-unwieldy love lives!

This novella combines the beloved world of the Jane Madison Series with the excitement of the stand-alone novel, Fright Court. Where else can a reader find a novella of witchcraft, vampires, and cupcakes?

(Also contains sneak peek chapters from other Mindy Klasky novels.)

Indulge yourself for only 99 cents! Capitol Magic, A Novella (Fantasy, Humor)


  1. I remember this series from Red Dress Ink.

    Did she go Indie?

  2. Mindy is still publishing with traditional publishers, but also has this side project!