Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Special Feature: Wolverine's Daughter by Doranna Durgin--$4.49

Award-winning author Doranna Durgin has over 49 novels & stories. And we think you should read some of them! 

The Wolverine’s Daughter is hard-tempered by her struggle to survive in the hostile Keturan mountains; she knows nothing of the Outlands, or of her father...or of the curse behind her puzzling clumsiness. But she’s about to find out what it means to be in those Outlands...and they’re about to find out what it means to have her.

"When a sword and sorcery book begins with humor, it's fairly well guaranteed to be an excellent read.... This book whips along with impressive fight choreography, excellent background descriptions, and fascinating plotlines." --Kliatt

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