Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Deluxe! Impending Injustice by Mel Comley

He's a remorseless killer...

DI Lorne Simpkins has him in her sights.

She's been on his tail for eight long years, but the ruthless criminal known as 'The Unicorn' has always been one step ahead.

Now, after he lures Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins into a trap in which her partner is killed, she's more determined than ever to hunt him down.

And when her nemesis kidnaps her teenage daughter, Lorne vows not to rest until she brings him to justice.

Indulge in Impeding Justice (A DI Lorne Simpkins thriller) for only $2.99

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  1. LOL! Thanks but it's Impeding Justice and the price is 99 cents. ;-) lol