Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daily Cheap: Forget the Past by Claude Nougat

Ms. Nougat painted her own bookcovers... What talent! A painter and a writer! Read more about it on her blog...

When Tony, a gifted child and brilliant video game creator, turns 17, he suffers burnout and feels like an old man. He goes to Sicily, the homeland of his deceased father, to search for his roots . An abandoned palazzo with a strange name inscribed above the door, the Circolo di Conversazione, attracts his attention. He walks in and meets the ghosts of all his ancestors going back 900 years, milling about, waiting for Judgment Day. Soon he discovers he has more in common with an English adventurer who settled in Sicily during the Napoleonic Wars than with his own father. The Englishman with whom Tony bears an uncanny resemblance was the secret lover of the Duchess of Floridia, a famous beauty (she married the King of Naples in 1814 when she was 43). The Duchess mistakes Tony for her secret lover come back to her. But is love possible with a woman who died 200 years ago? Can he take her back in his own time?           

Indulge in Forget the Past for only $0.99

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