Friday, December 23, 2011

Weekly Splurge: Surrender to your Touch by Victoria Gray -- $6

I dunno about you all, but we remember the mini-series, North and South with great affection. If you've been yearning for a civil war romance, this might just be the book you need. 

Will Reed is out to settle a brutal score. The disgraced Rebel officer's own men want him hanged, and an enemy has ordered him killed. Clearing his name and evening the score can only begin with one person, the woman he once loved, Union spy Kate Sinclair.

For years Kate used seduction as a lure. She never let her heart get involved--until she fell in love with Will. Grieving his death, her joy at discovering him alive shatters when she is confronted by a bitter, vengeful man who will stop at nothing to learn the truth of her betrayal. As danger pursues them, Kate fights to tear down the barriers around Will's heart. But her most powerful weapon may ultimately destroy her--surrender.

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